Experience comfort and sound quality. A whole new dimension in listening.

Music Molds improve the fit and stability of your earphones for long-wearing comfort.

Hands-Free Listening

You’ll enjoy your personal electronic devices more – your iPod or other MP3 player, CD player, cell phone, laptop computer or hand-held games – with custom music molds made to fit your earphones.



Wearers hear better at a lower volume with music molds because the sound is focused in the ear and the interfering background sounds are reduced.
We have colors for just about every one!
First, make an appointment for ear impressions with our Audiologist and bring your earphones along. An ear mold lab will then use the impressions to create custom music molds for YOUR ears in the colors you choose. Finally, you get a perfect acoustic seal and maximum comfort right down to every bump and curve in your ear al at one affordable price!