Introducing Widex MOMENT

This sound changes everything.

WIDEX MOMENT™ doesn’t just deliver the purest, most natural sound ever achieved in a hearing aid.

It does more—much more, all in the smallest lithium-ion rechargeable solution in the industry. With
Widex, you can enjoy a truly premium hearing experience so that you can live each moment to the fullest.

Widex MOMENT receiver in canal hearing aids


Your hearing needs are distinctive to you. That’s why Widex MOMENT offers you the unique ability to personalize your hearing experience through the power of artificial intelligence and the MOMENT app.

Plus, WIDEX MOMENT gives the hearing care professionals at Audiologic more customization capabilities to ensure you have both an ideal first hearing experience and long-term hearing benefit.

Widex MOMENT hearing aids and charger

Connectivity, Rechargeability, and Durability

Control your MOMENT hearing aids directly from your smartphone or tablet with the intuitive WIDEX MOMENT™ app. Never worry about batteries again with lithium-ion rechargeable batteries in the WIDEX MOMENT mRIC R D.

Advanced nano-coating protects WIDEX MOMENT™ from dust, debris, and moisture.

All to keep you hearing your best in any moment!

Ready to Begin Your Journey to Better Hearing?

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