Hearing Loss Should Not Be an Occupational Hazard

We want to thank you for your service to our community and help you protect your hearing, so you can be at your best on and off the job! Dr. Nora Fuchs, owner of AUDIO-LOGIC, PC wants to provide hearing protection and monitoring plans for Columbus police and firefighters.

This plan includes the following:

  1. Complimentary hearing threshold testing necessary to establish a baseline to ensure effectiveness of hearing protection, and an explanation of results and education regarding areas of concern
  2. Complimentary annual threshold testing for yearly comparison purposes to ensure effectiveness of hearing protection
  3. A 50% discount on any custom earpiece or custom hearing protection
  4. If needed, a 10% discount on all styles and types of hearing aids

Let us know if you are a police officer or firefighter, if you would like to schedule an evaluation, and if you would like to have ear impressions taken for custom earpieces during your appointment.

Appointments are available weekdays 8:30–11:30am or 1:30–4:30pm.

When arriving for your appointment, present your work identification card — we will take it from there! Contact our office at (402) 495-0034

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can You Do to Prevent Noise-Induced Hearing Loss?


  1. Try to be more aware of loud noise, and avoid prolonged exposure to loud noise — anything above 85 decibels.
  2. If you cannot avoid exposure to noise, wear appropriate hearing protection.
  3. Visit our doctor at AUDIO-LOGIC, PC, and take advantage of our hearing loss prevention program.
  4. Encourage your children or grandchildren to become more aware of the loud sounds around them, paying special attention to headphones, stereos, and toys that make loud noise.